Kulanu b’yachad (all of us together)

Kol HaLev offers its members a rare and genuine sense of belonging and connection. We feel it most strongly whenever we bring something of ourselves (our time, energy, knowledge, skills) to the collaborative work of creating our services, programs and activities

It’s wonderful to enjoy each others’ company, take pleasure in our engaging programming, appreciate services, and relax with a nosh at Kiddush. Belonging is not all work: There are several activity groups, like Hug HaSefer, the Book Club, where you may find Kol HaLev who share your interests or passions.

But the quickest path to a deep sense of communal belonging is by volunteering. Join the group or committee that plans, produces and/or executes a piece of Kol HaLev’s offerings that you find particularly meaningful or pleasurable.

Volunteer as a madriach (teacher) in our children’s programming, chant from the Torah, host a kiddush, lead Torah Study, be a proofreader, host a Second Friday Shabbat Potluck, join a holiday committee. Those are only a few of the ways our members find to contribute their time and mental, physical and social energy to the community – in increments that honor members’ capacity.

What we put into our community as members, we get back in dividends, as one of the most joyful aspects of being a Kol HaLev member is helping devise and nurture the opportunities to connect with others that make our community thrive.

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