Kashrut Policy

Kashrut Policy

Although not all of our members keep kosher in their own homes and lives, as a community Kol HaLev practices kashrut as a philosophical and cultural approach to food, and as a way to welcome spirituality into our community.

All Kol HaLev gatherings at which food is served, whether potluck, oneg or kiddush, are vegetarian. We serve only food that is dairy or parve; meat and poultry are not permitted. Eggs and milk products are allowed, as is fish (excluding shellfish).

A number of our members are vegan, so dishes which do not contain, fish, eggs, and milk products are always welcome, and all members, including those on gluten-free diets, are appreciative when a list of ingredients is placed beside a potluck dish. You can use the ingredient list from the packaging of store-bought food, or write out a simple list for a homemade dish.

When a potluck is held at a member’s home, further restrictions of the house (such as no nuts) may apply, and will be listed in the potluck announcement.

Sustainability is important to our community, so our members are encouraged to purchase foods which have been grown and produced locally. We also encourage members to bring their own reusable dishes, flatware and napkins to reduce our community’s use of disposable paper and plastic.